Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks Kick Off Football Season With Strong First Week of Practice

by Skyhawks Insider

The Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks, a professional indoor football team, are gearing up for an exciting season ahead. And with their first week of practice now behind them, the team is feeling confident and prepared for what's to come.

The Skyhawks hit the ground running last Monday, eager to get started after a long off-season. The coaching staff had planned out a rigorous training regimen, designed to challenge the players both mentally and physically. And from the very first day, it was clear that the team was up to the challenge.

Head Coach Rico Brown spoke highly of the team's performance during the week, saying "I couldn't be more proud of the effort and dedication that the players showed during our first week of practice. They came in focused and ready to work, and it showed in the way they performed on the field this past weekend.”

One of the standout performers of the week was defensive Lineman Gabe Collins All AWFC 2019 & 2022 and Defense Player of the Year, who impressed coaches and teammates along with new comer DB Zay Rogers who also showed that he has a noise for the football. Veteran wide receiver Wesley Gray also had a strong showing, demonstrating excellent route running and catching abilities. 

But it wasn't just the stars who shone during the week. Coach Brown praised the entire team for their hard work and team spirit, saying "Everyone showed up ready to work, and they all pushed each other to be their best. That's the kind of attitude that will help us succeed this season."

Despite the intensity of the training, the team also managed to have fun and build camaraderie off the field. They enjoyed team bonding activities, including a dinner at Clearwater Casino our new sponsor and a Wenatchee Wild hockey game at Town Toyota Center, which helped to strengthen their relationships and build trust.

Looking ahead, the Skyhawks are focused on continuing to improve and refine their skills in preparation for their first game. Coach Brown is excited about the team's chances this season, saying "We still have a lot of work to do, but if we keep up this level of effort and commitment, we're going to do great things."

Overall, the Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks are off to a fantastic start to their football season. With a strong first week of practice under their belts, the team is feeling confident and motivated as they move forward. Fans and supporters can look forward to an exciting and successful season ahead!