Schedule Change With New Opponents

by Skyhawks Insider

The Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks, a professional indoor football team, we’re all set to face off against Texas Pride and Mississippi Raiders in their upcoming games. However, the team received the unexpected news that both teams would be unable to play.

Despite this setback, the American West Football Conference and the Skyhawks remained undeterred and immediately set out to find new opponents to keep their season on track. After some quick scheduling adjustments, the Skyhawks were pleased to announce that they would be facing the Spokane Wolfpack and Las Vegas Sin City Govs instead.

The Skyhawks were excited to take on these new challengers, with the Wolfpack known for their strong defense and the Govs boasting an impressive offense. The game against the Wolfpack is set to take place on April 29th 7pm, while the match against the Govs was scheduled for June 3rd 7pm at the Town Toyota Center.

As the Skyhawks prepared to face their new opponents, they knew they would have to bring their A-game to the field. While they had yet to play against the Wolfpack and the Govs, the team remained confident in their abilities and looked forward to proving themselves against these formidable opponents.

With a new schedule in place, the Skyhawks eagerly anticipated the upcoming games against the Wolfpack and the Govs, ready to take on these new opponents and showcase their skills on the field.