Sack Master Vikah Will Be A Skyhawk

by Skyhawks Insider

David Lefau, often known by others as “Vikah” who was originally born in Aoa, American Samoa. Vikah  played Wenatchee Ram semipro football 2018.  While playing he has mastered not just his DE position, but Line Backer as well. Vikah lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and 2 daughters. Having love and support from his insanely huge immediate family is what drives Vikah to pursue a career in Football. Since the start of his semipro career, Vikah has accumulated a total of 8 championship titles. 4 state, and 4 national, all with previous teams. Vikah has the National all-time sack record for a season in only 10 games with 31.5. He will continue to push forward in football, in hopes to eventually play for the NFL.