Skyhawks Playoffs Home or Idaho or Done

by AWFC Insider

Road to American West Bowl III (Scenarios)

Tri-City Rush  -  Will finish the season off (9-0) and has earned the bid to host the American West Bowl III at the Hapo Center in Pasco, Washington.

Idaho Horsemen - Currently (5-2 & 6-2 overall) controls their destiny to host the AWFC Playoff game in Nampa, Idaho.  The Horsemen have 2 road games remaining versus the (3-3) Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks and the (3-4) Oregon High Desert Storm.  With 2 wins, the Horsemen will definitely host, with a win vs the Skyhawks, the Horsemen will also host.  With a loss to the Skyhawks and a win vs the Storm and a Skyhawks win vs the Storm, the Horsemen can still host based on point differential.  With 2 losses vs the Storm and the Skyhawks, the Horsemen will still make the AWFC playoff game depending on point dif, which they are currently ahead of both teams.  It is a very slim chance at this point that the Horsemen do not make the AWFC Playoff game! (based on points, but we will see)

The (3-3 & 4-3 overall) Skyhawks are also in control of their own destiny with 2 games against the Horsemen and the Storm.  If the Skyhawks win out and the Horsemen lose to the Storm, the Skyhawks will host the AWFC Playoff game.  If the Horsemen beat the Storm, it will then come down to points on who will host the game, in which the Horsemen are currently ahead.  If the Skyhawks beat the Storm and losses to the Horsemen, they will still make the playoff game.  If the Skyhawks lose both games and the Storm beats the Horsemen, the Skyhawks can still make the playoff based on points which the Skyhawks are currently ahead, the Horsemen will host,

The (3-4) Oregon High Desert Storm can squeak into the playoff by winning both of their remaining games, a Horsemen loss to the Skyhawks, and point differential.   If the Storm losses 1 of their 2 remaining games, they are out of the running for the Playoff game and only can play spoiler to the Horsemen possibly hosting, if the Horsemen lose to the Skyhawks as well.

There is another possibility for a 3-way tie at 5-4

If the Horsemen lose to the Skyhawks and the Storm

The Storm beats the Horsemen and the Skyhawks

and the Skyhawks beat the Horsemen and receives a forfeit from the Redtail game

then it will come down to point differential, which the Horsemen is currently ahead,  All along while the Rush waits to see how this pans out! 

It all starts the is weekend as the Storm host the Skyhawks  this Saturday night

This is why we play the game .......AWFC Football.... #RepTheWest